Are There Any Side Effects of Using Hair Dryer?

Most of us are using hair dryers on almost a daily basis. Most of the people use it so that they can get ready for work in no time. Some people are using hair dryers for styling their hair. Without any doubt, hairdryers can provide you gorgeous look. It has been observed that men and women both are using these appliances. These appliances are helpful, but at the same time, there are some side effects of these hair dryers as well. We can enjoy two major advantages by using a hairdryer such as

  • Fast drying
  • Perfect styling

At the same time, there are some side effects also. 

The side effects of using a hairdryer

Are There Any Side Effects of Using Hair Dryer?

There are lots of side effects of using hair dryer frequently. Some major disadvantages are given below:

  • Using hair dryer at high temperatures can burn and dehydrate your hair.
  • Frequent use will remove the brightness from your hair.
  • Daily use of hairdryers can ruin the texture of hair.
  • It will leave your hair matted.
  • Hairdryers usually weaken the thread. 
  • Hairdryers will dry up the natural moisture of hair so you will be left with frizzy hair. 
  • When you are using hair dryers frequently your hairs will be more prone to breakage. 
  • Extensive use of hair dryer will make your hair rough.

Are There Any Side Effects of Using Hair Dryer?

Disadvantages of using hair dryers at high heat settings

For hair drying, hairdryers are used in hot settings. In most of the hairdryers, the temperature of more than 300 degrees Fahrenheit is used. In high-temperature settings, if they are not used with proper care and attention they can cause serious damage to your hair. At high-temperature settings, dryers can burn your hair and ears. High-temperature settings can dry your hair. Frequent use of hairdryers at a high temperature can cause significant damage to hair cuticles. 

When the hairdryers are used so close to your hair, they will cause damage to hair fibers, you can minimize the damage by constantly moving the hairdryer and also by using a brush. This little practice can avoid your hair from excessive damage. Extreme heat can create bubbles in hairs. These bubbles will result in breakage of hair. 

High heat settings will remove the natural moisture from your hair and it will remove the brightness from your hair and your hair will become frizzy. Removal of moisture will leave some open spaces and these open spaces will lead to breakage of your hair. For styling your hair, you should leave a little moisture in your hair and use hot settings. This will help to provide a brittle look to your hair.  

How hair dryers affect scalp?

  • When you get out after taking a shower, there will be some water in the strands of hair follicles. After a shower, you turn on the dryer to dry your hair quickly and for perfect styling. 
  • While doing this you are ignoring one thing that the moisture inside the scalp will get heated and will be evaporated. This will push hair fibers apart and leave the open spaces. 
  • These open spaces will cause a significant amount of damage and these spaces will result in the breakage of your hair. 
  • Roots of hair will become weak because of the sudden blast of hot air. As a result, your hair would not be attached to your scalp as they were previously attached. 
  • Sometimes we dry our hair with a towel and we rigorously use a towel it will also result in a breakage of hair. If you want to protect your hair scalp then the best solution is to let your hair dry naturally. 
  • It is better to avoid the use of hard bristle brush or paddle brush for the styling of hair. If your hairs are wet you can use a wide-toothed comb. 

How can you take care of your damaged hair?

You can do these activities to protect your hair from more damage. These little things can be good for your damaged hair. 

  • Massage your hair regularly. It is better to leave the massage oil in your hair overnight. It will result in healthy and shiny hair. You can use lavender or any other oil for massage. 
  • You can apply a protein mask on your hair once a week and then wash it with a shampoo. 
  • For deep conditioning and shine apply aloe vera gel and leave it overnight in your hair. 
  • For hair growth, you can use onion juice. Onion contains sulfur content that will help to grow your hair faster. 
  • For the internal nourishment of your hair, use a rich protein diet. 

How can you change negatives of hairdryers into positives?

There are some disadvantages to using hair dryers daily. However, if you are used to these hair dryers you can still turn those negatives into positives by doing little things. You can use hair dryers daily without significant side effects. 

  • Avoid frequent blow-drying of your hair.
  • Use effective hair products to minimize the damage.
  • Avoid rubbing your hair with a towel before drying to remove moisture.
  • Use low heat settings of hair dryers to minimize the damage. 
  • Make use of a brush to avoid the direct heat to the head.
  • Keep the nozzle at some distance from your hair. 
  • Dry your hair quickly. 
  • Avoid using a hairdryer for maximum time. 


Yes, there are some side effects of using a hairdryer. If you are using a hairdryer all the time for drying your hair it will not be good for your hair. If you are getting late for work, then you can use it. Otherwise, let your hair dry naturally. Extensive use can remove natural moisture and your hair will become frizzy. It is better to use hair dryers in cold settings to avoid damage. 

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