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Hair Follicle and Cell

When it comes to the analyses of the human hair there are salient facts to note and one of them is the fact that when we talk about the human hair, it is not that which we see that is the hair alone but also the part called the follicles, the bulb, stem cells, and the shaft. The layers of the hair also are classified into three different layers which include the cuticle, the cortex, and the medulla.

Are Hairs cells really dead?

Hair cells to most people who are not affiliated to the medical line are generally living cells because they are a part of our body and humans are living things, but research has overtime made us understand that the part of the hair that we see outside of the body is the part of the hair that are dead cells and the part of the hair that is on the inside of the body which comprises the basic layers of the hair are living cells. It is the part of the hair that is on the inside that makes sure that humans despite how much times we must have scraped off our hairs, they keep on growing

If one has to think about it deeply, why is it that anytime that we scrap off our hair, they still keep growing? It is because of the internal living part of the hair. Most times when we see people who have the best kind of hairs, it is because the hair on the inside of their bodies are well nourished and it is worthy of mention to note that most of the hairs that we end up growing are nourished by our diets. These part of our diet include the food that we eat and also the way that we treat our hair. It should also be noted that the hair that we see ate made up of pipe like structures while hail from the inside of our bodies and this is the reason why we see our hairs in strands while they pile up together. If this were not so, most of our hairs would stand alone without grouping with each other.

The strands of the hair stay together because of a nutrient which is known as Keratin. Hence, in other that we see that our hairs are growing fine, we need to make sure that our hairs are growing together. When we see that our hairs have begun growing separately, it is best to see a dermatologist who would suggest ways in which the hair growth can form an equilibrium.

More facts about the human hair

One major fact to note about the human hair is that there are well over one million follicles of hair that make up the hairs that we find on our bodies and the hair over the head of humans is so coarse because it does not allow the head of the sun to affect us as humans. The hair on the head can absorb heat and it is because of such absorption that we realize that they are coarse in nature  

While man grows and at the age of puberty, it is then that the stimulation of the hair on the body occurs. It is at this point that we realize that we grow more hair in our armpits and also in the pubic region.

There are questions that have overtime as regards why animals have so much hair on their bodies and we as humans do not have as much hair and one of the reasons why this is so is because we humans have lost the hair on our bodies in other that we become free from external parasites. It must be noted that most of the animals have hairs on their bodies have issues that relate with lice and bugs and this is because the hair on their bodies help the lice and bugs to breathe and survive. Hence, if this were the case with humans, it is likely that we face that kind of possibility.

It has also been proven over time that women have lesser hair on their bodies when they are compared with men and the reason is not farfetched from the fact that men have more hormonal responses while women have a reduced hormonal response in comparison with that of men.

The color of the hair on the bodies of humans are so different because of hair pigmentation and this pigmentation is caused by what is known as melanin. The variant of the melanin is called the eumelanin and it is the second part of the pheomelanin. When the eumelanin in the body is much, it causes people to have black hair on their body, but when the eumelanin is less, people tend to have lighter hair on their bodies.


The cells in the outer part of the human hair are dead while those in the inner side are living and this is the reason why the human hair keeps growing.

When it comes to hair growth, there is so much to know and understand about hair growth and the first aspect that one needs to know is that there is only one part of the cells in the hair that are living and these are called the follicles. It should be noted that human hairs grow from the inside of the head and these side of the hair is called the follicles. Follicles are generally found in the dermis space which is found inside the head. Also, it is not only the human head that has these follicles, as a matter of fact, all of the areas of the body that have hair, have follicles in them. While it is true that people love to bother so much about hair growth, hair color, and the likes, it is worthy of mention to note that the human hair is made up of proteins and alpha keratin.


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