Are Crochet Braids Damaging to Hair?

There are disadvantages to crochet braids. Considering the popularity this hairstyle is rocking on; you may think there’s nothing bad about it. Well, let’s look at the highlighted points; perhaps they may change the perspective you have with this type of hair.

  • Most crochet braids tend to frizz, and keeping it for long in your hair would be disastrous. Unless you invest in human hair, which may be slightly expensive, this hairstyle would have devastating effects on you.
  • Unlike the hook used to crochet table clothes and other garments, the latch hook crochet needle is a unique one. If you don’t get a professional to fix them, the braids could end up sagging and leave your hair looking shaggy. 
  • Artificial hairstyles, unlike human hair, tangles quickly and become annoying. It takes almost a fortnight for them to feel like they’re your real hair. When you first try this hairstyle, they look ‘wiggy,’ and it seems you’ve done a facelift because of the tight cornrows.
Crochet Braids

What’s good about this style?

Apart from being a protective hairstyle, crochet braids have a whole lot of advantages that account for its popularity:

1) They are fast to do

Depending on the braid that you want, crochet braids have an incredibly short time to install. As little three hours, you might have this significantly less time to rock braids and twists using the crochet method.

2) They are relatively cheap

One of the success factors that contribute to the popularity behind crochet braids is their natural look. Braiding hair that comes already twisted or braided is what’s being used. For as low as three dollars a pack, you can find such hair in stores without having to spend an extra penny in weaving them. Isn’t that a negligible amount, for such hair?

3) Suited for home-made styling

You will only need a little more patience on spending a considerable amount of time in front of your mirror to bring out that perfect look on your hair. If you at least know how to cornrow your hair, crochet braids may be a great way to try your hairstyle. If you have been admiring girls who style their hair and thinking that it could never be you, this could be a great opportunity for you to try out.

Definitely, the pros outweigh the cons, and you can now decide whether or not to go for them. A few measures would protect you from the repercussions of having this type of hair would be but great; let’s take a look:

1) Appropriate braids to hold tight

The cornrows that crochet hair is installed on shouldn’t be excessively tight. If your cornrows have you feeling snatched and the hair isn’t even installed yet, the added weight of the hair is going to be a lot worse with the added weight of crochet hair. This could result in irreversible hair loss, or even thinning if you fail to adhere to this. 

2) Know the right time to let go

It is important to know when to take down the style. A crochet braid should last anywhere between a fortnight to two months, depending on the style. Allowing your hair and scalp to be free of protective styles in between each style will enable it to breathe without tension or friction. 

3) Paying attention to the hair underneath

The greatest mistake you can make with crochet braid protective hairstyles is thinking that your scalp and hair require zero maintenance. Make sure they are thoroughly moisturized with a long-lasting moisturizing butter or natural grease to keep your hair strands conditioned. 

4) Proper proportions

Hair damage results from installing too big of crochet braid onto a small section of hair. When it comes to individual crochet braid installs, it is essential to have a proper judgment on the size of the crochet braid against the section of hair. Adding unnecessary weight would create extra tension which leads to hair damage.


For a considerable length of time, crochet braids have been gradually gaining popularity. For someone who cannot conclusively differentiate crochet braids from natural hair, it would be so cumbersome for them to tell the difference between crochet braids and someone’s real hair. Perhaps this factor has contributed significantly to the popularity this hair has so much gained. 

When we say crochet braids, there is a high likelihood for you giving attention to the hair itself, but what we’re really talking about is the method of adding the hair itself. In a nutshell, a crochet braid is a method of adding extensions to one’s hair. The approach is first cornrowing one’s hair then adding extensions to the cornrows. The hair used is loose and not on a weft; crochet hair is looped under the cornrows instead of being sewn in. 

Having gone through this entire guide, you are one step closer to having good looking crochet braids. What remains is you to go out and get them!






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