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Did you know coral calcium shampoo contains some sulfate at a minimum amount is used to clean hair oil, sweat, and waste? 

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In this review, we’re going to answer all of these questions and take you through what we researched. To start, we found the product in Qoo and you may use this affiliate link to check the latest prices on Qoo10 along with 359 (91%) reviews from customers.

Reviews from Confirmed Customers

Overall, customers are very happy with the delivery and repeat purchasers. The main ingredients are coral calcium. The Korean brand SMIB’s innovative innaBi haircare range contains calcium that is extracted from edible corals found in crystal-clear deep waters.

coral calcium

Rich in beneficial minerals for the hair, this coral calcium is claimed to help strengthen hair and scalp, to reduce the amount of hair fall, as well as help you achieve lustrous hair.

4-step innabi shampoo

For maximum effectiveness, it is recommended that you follow their 4-step routine for your hair. Besides the SMIB Shampoo, there is the SMIB innaBi Treatment which helps to stop hair loss. For the 3rd step, you can massage your scalp with the SMIB innaBi Scalp Massager. By using Plasma technology, it removes sebum, oil, and cleanses your scalp. For the final step, the SMIB innaBi Scalp Essence will nourish your scalp and promote new hair growth.


  • From Women's Weekly, "Years of bleaching and coloring have often left my hair strands dry but my scalp really oily, so it’s hard to find a balance between hydrating the hair but purifying the scalp. What I find the most interesting about the SMIB haircare range is the use of the Scalp Massager. It really helps with the penetration of the product into the hair, and my scalp feels fresh after using the Scalp Essence.”
  • Many loved the cooling and relaxing effect after using too


  • Everything is good, maybe too good. The negatives we found is the use of sulfate to get rid of oil. Not good if oily hair people and people who don't like sulfate.
  • The packaging is using too much plastic wrap so some comments that it is not that environmentally friendly in packaging.

Reviews from Qoo10

  • Items received today. Bottle small. 
  • Quick delivery and well packed
  • Item received pack nicely in bubble wrap in a box. 
  • Very fast delivery. I hope it works to reduce my hair loss.
  • Fast delivery and nicely packaged. I just started using the products. There’s a clean and cooling feeling after using the products, hope to see the results after 3 to 4 months as advertised. 
  • Received. So far tried 1 time, after shampoo the hair bundle together and rough then after apply treatment, the hair is soft again. The scalp essence is very cooling and relaxing 
  • Well packed. Too well, in fact. Waste too many plastic wrap. Please use less plastic wrap to save the environment. Yet to try the product. Hope it is good
  • Prompt delivery but yet to try.
  • Delivery was fast. Haven't used that product yet 
  • Items came well packaged and fast delivery. I hope it works for me. 

Common Questions

  • Q: The plasma massager can last for how long?
  • A: Before you use the massager for the first time, please charge it for at least 4 hours for better battery life. On a full charge, its battery can last for months which makes it very convenient as you won't have to charge it very often. You only need to recharge it when the red light shows on the massager.
  • Q: When we are selecting the products it's already in a set of 3. May I know what is the volume of each product? And can we apply the products directly to our scalp(all 3)?
  • A: We have individual product listing as well. Bundle of 3 small sets having a promotion and it is the small set of 100ml for a user to try out or for travel use. Kindly please refer to our website How to use for more info:)
  • Q: Can this be used for dry hair scalp?
  • A: Yes it is possible as inside are ingredients such as coral calcium, Zinc Pyrithione, Panthenol, and Salicylic Acid which are good for your scalp. Our treatment can leave on the scalp and it can effectively cleanse your scalp, provide the necessary nutrition to form a protective barrier. We have the small set (100ml) and you might want to try out? Having dry scalp is better than oily scalp and not to worry our products are very natural and suit pregnant women as well.
  • For the products, we have tested in P&K Research Centre in Korea with 46 participants having hair loss and scalp issues. Therefore, the test report for our SMIB Innabi Shampoo, Treatment, Essence, and Plasma Scalp Massager is considered to help improve the tensile strength, help improves dandruff, relieve itchiness, soothe the scalp, reduce the number of missing hair and scalp elasticity. Our product does not contain silicone and will not cause itch or problem to the scalp. For sulfate in the shampoo, a minimum amount is used to clean hair oil, sweat, and waste. Our products are PH 5.5 and completed an experiment that does not exist in the scalp stimulation caused by Sulfate

For Info

  • The business will be as usual for SMiB following the latest government advisory. We will still be taking orders and send out during this difficult time. Our website & email remain open for any queries that you may have.
  • However, for the safety of our staff and customers, our warehouse for self-collect will be closed from 7th April until further notice in accordance with the enhanced measures.
  • As SMiB continues working to help you bridge the emotional distance, let us also continue to do our part as responsible individuals. Stay home to keep your loved ones safe and we shall weather over this adversity together.


    We cannot find anything about SMiB in English, we tried 스미브 and found Elra Korea instead (a hairdryer brand in Korea). It is quite interesting as the website claimed over 1 million sales in Korea.

    Nevertheless, it is worth a try for your hair loss problems as they are bought by many as seen in Qoo10.

    Where To Buy

    If you want to buy it, we recommend Qoo10 due to the coupons and available support in answering questions. You may check the latest prices at this affiliate link to Qoo10

    Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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