7 Unexpected Things Before Dyeing Hair Black

Yes, you can dye your hair black. Dark hairs provide a gorgeous and stunning look. Dark hair color will not only provide a luxurious and shiny look, but they also flatter every skin tone.

However, before coloring your hair black, takes care of these unexpected things people wish to learn before dyeing hair black.

7 things that you will have to consider while dyeing your hair black

Dyeing is the best way to change your look according to your mood. You need to consider a few things before coloring your hair black. Here are the surprising things


  • Take your brows into consideration as well

    When you have decided to change your hair color significantly like going from colored to black, you must consider your brows as well.

    Dyeing Brow

    You have to color your brows black or might have to buy a new product to color your brows. If you dye your brows at home, do it carefully. Dark colors contain chemicals so you might end up losing your eyesight. Get the job done by a professional stylist if you are not careful. 

    It is better to buy a product for your brows that compliment your new hair color. You would love to keep your brows one or two shades lighter than your hair color for a natural look. 

  • You might feel your hairs damaged
  • It depends on the type of hair you have. Everyone has different hairs and they will react differently. One thing is for sure coloring your hair dark is less damaging than going light. Dark hair dyes contain chemicals, so at the start, you might feel that your hairs become dry. Dry scalp is never good for your hair. You might get your hair damaged when you are coloring your hair dark. 

  • It would be difficult for you to go light again
  • As it is said earlier molecules will penetrate cuticles so you can’t change your mind once you have colored your hair black. It will be very difficult to go back to a light color. Once you have colored your hair black there will be an extra layer over your color. You will have to break that layer first before going back to light shade again. You might succeed in lightening your hair but still, you would not be able to get the desired results. 

    Dyed Hair

    Going back to light color will depend on how you dye your hair dark for the first time. If you have already dyed hair and you go dark from there, then it would be impossible to go back to light color. There is a possibility to go back to light color if you have dyed your natural hair color. Take your time before coloring your hair dark as it would not be as simple to go back to light color. You might have to break lots of layers to get back to lighter shade. 


  • Expect the Unexpected Uneven Hair Color

    As with all hair coloring, hair with your natural colors will grow out eventually. This will lead to an uneven hair color between your natural color and the blackness. Black hair dye will also fade too over time.

    You have to consider either dyed your new hair black again or live with both natural hair and black hair. If your natural hair color mixed well black color, then this would not be an issue. 

  • It would not be easy to correct your hair color overnight
  • When you are visiting a professional salon they will ask you to think about it again before coloring your hair dark. Once you have decided to go dark you can’t go back to light even after a month. You will have to be patient and you will achieve a lighter color, but it will be time taking process. You might have to wait a year before you get your desired color. 

  • More upkeep will be required
  • Once you have colored your hair black or dark, you might have to stay away from clarifying shampoos. These clarifying shampoos usually tend to lift the cuticles and hair dye will fade quickly. During the summer you can’t go directly under the sun and can’t stay there for a long time. You will have to consult your hairstylist for a color depositing conditioner to maintain a dark color for a long time. 

    There are plenty of colors depositing conditioners in the market that can do the job for you. When you visit a professional salon they will suggest a conditioner according to your hair color. Some professional stylists prepare something special for their clients at the spot. You can ask your colorist about how to maintain your dark hair color. Dyeing your hair can be fun and will provide you a different and beautiful look. 

  • Dark hair dye can be rough on your skin
  • Dark hair dyes contain chemicals like PPDA. This chemical is found in most of the dark hair dyes so you might suffer a severe skin reaction such as burning, swelling, itching, and redness. You can’t predict the reactions of PPDA in advance. You will be suffering from allergies overtime. The best thing to do is a patch test before dyeing your hair dark. So the answer to this question “Should I dye my hair black” is yes, you can, but keeping these things in mind. 


  • Your hair will look shinier

    On the positive side, dark color dyes contain peroxides that help in opening the cuticles so the color molecules will penetrate deep into the scalp. So it will not just be a color change, you will also enjoy bouncier and thicker hair.

    Shiny Hair

    Those penetrated color molecules will also provide a significant shine to your hair that you can’t enjoy with lighter colors. It is a simple concept when you are coloring your hair dark you are adding something to your hair, when you are coloring your hair light you are stripping away. 


    If you want to dye your hair black then go for it. Life is too short don’t waste it in just thinking. Before taking any decision it is better to consult hairstylists to get an idea of whether it will be good for your skin or not. Going dark is a good idea. You will enjoy lots of benefits but if you want to go back to the light color it would not happen overnight. You are entering into a new stream of colors. 

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