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Yungo Dr Groot Shampoo Honest Review

Looking for an honest review about the Yungo Dr Groot Shampoo? Look no further as we researched and collated everything we can find about the highly rated anti-hair loss shampoo recommended by many. Firstly, some reviews we found online said: I suffer from pretty scary hair loss, especially after I wash my hair. While I cannot declare for a fact that this shampoo and conditioner set helped solve my problem, it did leave my scalp feeling clean and healthy without feeling stripped. Either way, the products lather well, smell great and I do see less hair in the drain after use. I like how it regulates the sebum of my scalp and so controls my hair loss problem. I do not...

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Protein rich foods for hair growth

The kinds of foods that you eat have a great impact on how well your hair grows. Long, lustrous hair is the envy of many women. As a matter of fact, hair adds to your beauty and looks. Protein is essential for the proper growth of your hair and its health. This is because the hair itself is made up of protein. You need to have certain protein foods in your diet when trying to get your hair to grow.  There are times when your hair just won’t go past a certain length. It seems to be stuck at one point. The proteins that you eat play a key role in the production of keratin by the body. Keratin is...

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How do I remove dandruff permanently?

Dandruff is a common problem that affects many people from all walks of life. Not only is it irritating but can be a social embarrassment. You will find that people suffering from dandruff cannot wear dark colored clothes since white flakes might show on them and ruin everything. Mostly, it affects people while in their teens because of the many hormonal changes that occur at this time. However, anyone from any age group can have dandruff. The frustrating part of having dandruff is that they can be so difficult to eliminate completely. It becomes a persistent problem and all your efforts to get rid of it seem to go in vain.  All said and done, hope is not totally lost....

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Why not using shampoo is good

  The truth is most of us will not wash our hair without shampoo. When it comes to the topic of quitting shampoo people have different approaches to it. Some think that not using shampoo does not do your hair any good while others differ. There are lots of benefits that come with not using shampoo on your hair some of which you may not have realized just yet.   For your own overall health and the health of your hair, it may be a good idea if you just ditch shampoo. Many people are definitely not aware of all the negative effects shampoo has on the hair, skin and even the environment. Is it healthier to not use shampoo?...

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Why cosplay wigs are expensive?

You might be thinking, "well, it's just for cosplayers". Actually, if you ask anybody at a convention how much time it will take them to get their wig from the box or the costume shop for a cosplay wig at a convention, chances are they'd say "a lot of money and time". The main reason why these wigs are expensive is that they are made for being used more than one time. On top of that, the hair is synthetic but also has real, cheap human hair and they are also heat resistant. They are also made for a better fit. The worst part of it is that you can actually see they are not real human hairs but have...

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