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How To Describe Hair In Writing To Readers

Describing hair in words is not easy for a reader without a picture. Phrases for Hair Movement You must find great phrases to convey a person's hair movement and hairstyle to a reader. It can also be related to the activity, whether natural hair movement or movement due to dancing. Some phrases to describe hair movement are: Lively Flowing in the wind Breezing in the air Blown on the wind Moving fluidly Windswept Featherweight  Fluffy The wind running through hair Spectacular  Elegant Bouncing Swaying  Swinging side-by-side Lightweight Phrases for Beautiful Hair  To describe beautiful hair requires positive phrases and adjectives and should be used with other words on hair texture and length for readers to visualize. Some phrases to describe...

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Benefits of braiding hair at night

  A lot of people forget about their hair when they go to sleep at night, most of them either just ignore thinking there will be no effects on the hair. You may not realize as you sleep, but as you turn around every time in the middle of the night, your hair always gets damaged by your pillow however smooth it is, it will always be a problem to your hair that you have decided to just leave it free. It is always advisable that you braid your hair every night before you go to sleep, it has some benefits that. Here are some of the benefits you get to enjoy when you braid your hair before you go...

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Everything you ever asked yourself about baby hairs 

The struggle is real. At least once in your life you have gotten your hair in a ponytail and seen all your baby hairs dancing in your forehead. There are two options from there, you can either hate them, get mad, try to make them as less noticeable as possible. Or, you can embrace them and look fabulous while you do it. If J-Lo and Rihanna embrace their baby hairs, why shouldn’t you? You can blame your baby hairs on stress, cycles, breakage, or whatever you have heard caused them. In reality, there is one very specific reason as to why you get baby hair, and that annoyingly pretty girl in your class doesn’t. Keep reading to find out.  What...

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How do hair spa works

Hair is very important on a human body, sometimes we can say it just completes us as human beings; some people even go ahead to judge beauty with hair. We all wish at some point that our hair grows younger as we grow older. However it can be close to impossible to the current world which we are facing a lot of pollution and global warming which affects the UV light and in turn causes damage to our hair and sometimes we may not find a way to treat our hair regularly, sometimes you need to   a hair spa to get your hair treated. What is hair spa treatment? This is a therapy done to the hair that helps...

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Why air drying hair takes too long

This is the drying of your hair in the natural way, which means, you let your hair dry naturally without speeding the process with some artificial means that induces heat like using blow dryers among many more. The air is able to evaporate water from the hair hence making it dry though this method might take some time. However, it is the cheapest method and the safest too. In this process, there will be the use of products to make sure that you are still giving your hair great care it needs Why does this process take long? It is obvious that this process will take a longer time than the use of blow driers because of the use of...

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