What Is Beard Balm?

If you feel your beard is dry and unruly, then don’t worry; beard balm can help you to deal with such issues. Every man needs to moisturize his beard regularly to keep his beard fresh and soft.

Beard balm is simply a leave-in conditioner. It can help to soften, style, and moisturize your beard. Beard balm uses ingredients like shea butter, almond oil or beeswax to facilitate beard grooming.

Beard balm contains natural ingredients such as Shea butter that can be handy for moisturizing and softening. It contains almond oil for boosting growth and conditioning. It also contains beeswax that helps to seal in the moisture. All these ingredients are natural, so there is no side effect of this beard balm. 

Shea Butter

How to Apply Beard Balm?

It is the most critical step. There is no right and wrong time to apply beard balm. It is recommended to apply beard balm when you have got your shower. Remove the excess moisture from the beard with the help of a towel and leave your beard slightly damp so that balm can easily work with your skin and facial hair. Follow the below-given steps to apply beard balm correctly and get good results. 

Step 1:

After removing excess moisture, comb your beard to removes tangles. Combing your beard will allow removing stray hairs that have already fallen out. After removing tangles, it’s time to apply balm to the beard. Like most of the grooming products, a little quantity of balm will be too much. The amount of beard balm varies from man to man and beard to beard. 

Step 2:

Use your index finger or thumb to get a small amount of balm out of the bottle. Take balm about the size of a marble or fingernail. You can make balm softer by rubbing the index finger over it. Rub it in a circular motion. 

Step 3:

Now, melt the beard balm. Do it by rubbing between your hands. Keep doing until balm got the consistency of oil. Don’t forget to coat both the palms and all the fingers. 

Step 4:

Make sure that while applying the balm, it reaches your skin. It is never recommended to bend your fingers to dig balm into the skin. Keep your fingers in a flat position, and deeply rub your beard. To rub the balm, use fingertips and fingernails. Otherwise, itching your face can damage your beard and can result in split ends. 

Step 5:

Start applying the balm from the base of the beard and then move to sideburns. During the application process, make sure that the entire area is covered and coated with balm. Don’t worry about the excess balm that is left behind in your hands. You can utilize it in multiple ways, such as a body moisturizer or a lotion. 

Step 6:

To evenly distribute the balm throughout your beard, use a wide-toothed comb made of wood. Comb an also help to shape your beard into the desired look. 

How often should you use a beard balm?

You can’t use grooming products like facial shampoo daily because it will strip natural oils from the skin. But don’t worry, when you are using a beard balm it will not happen to you.

However, the answer to this question is very simple. You can, and you should use it daily. Beard balm can be helpful for facial skin and hair. Beard balm fulfills the need for oil that your skin requires. Why is it necessary to use it daily? Because it keeps your beard manageable and soft, however, how often you should use it also depends on beard length and individual needs. Using it daily will enhance the softness and shine of the beard instead of hurting it. 

Benefits of Beard Balm

Lots of beard balm’s benefits are already discussed. Just look at some of the benefits and reasons why you should use a beard balm. 

  • It helps to soften the brittle and dry whiskers
  • Beard balm is known as a leave-in conditioner because it performs all the duties that a hair conditioner does. Beard balm is one of the best grooming products to soften your beard. It helps to moisturize your beard and protects your beard from looking frizzled and dry. It is handy in preventing split ends and can improve the overall health of the beard. If your skin is dry or you are living in a dry and cold climate, then use beard balm to keep the sebum oil in balance. 

    Dry Beard

  • It can help to fight against beardruff
  • When you grow your beard for the first time, you may notice white and pesky flakes on your skin. When there is a depletion of a supply of sebum oil, then beardruff happens. Longer beard tends to face the issue of beardruff. Your hair follicles need more oil to keep up with the hair’s length. Don’t worry beard balm contains carrier oil along with other useful ingredients. You can use it to get rid of beardruff and keep your beard moisturized. 

  • Beard balm helps to eliminate itchiness
  • During the early stages of beard growth, there are chances of skin itchiness, especially underneath the beard. Sometimes itching can become unbearable, and most of the men decide to shave their beard. But there is no need to be panic. You can use products like beard balm to treat skin itchiness and whiskers. Shea butter will help to keep your beard hydrated, and beeswax can provide a protectant layer to protect moisture from escaping. 

    Itchy Beard

  • Beard balm can help to keep your stray hairs at bay
  • It can act as a light styling gel and hold your stray hairs. Some people use hair gels on board to keep them in place, but the reality is that most of the gels contain chemicals that can irritate your skin and can result in allergies. So, the best alternative to those gels is a beard balm. It can help to keep your stray hair at bay and you can enjoy a good texture and soft beard as well. So, based on the benefits beard balm can be a good choice for beard’s hair.  

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