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Best Japanese Hair Tonic: Kaminomoto Vs Yohmo

Currently, the two most enduring Japanese hair tonic brands are Kaminomoto (since 1908) and Yohmo (since the 1970s). Many experience hair issues in the course of their lives some people who have not seen results from shampoo and conditioner alone maybe considering targeted treatment for the scalp.  In this review, a comparison is done between Kaminomoto (Silver & Gold) and Yohmo (Original). Brand history (Kaminomoto Wins ) Kaminomoto started in 1908 in Kobe, Japan and Kaminomoto is a brand that deals solely with hair alone. They mainly manufacture hair products which are 80% of their product line. Kaminomoto has a line for shampoo and conditioner but they are most famous for their hair tonic. Yohmo began in the 1970s under...

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