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Syuhada Subuki
Intro - I daydream about East Asian cultures (Chinese dramas, K-pop and Anime) too much that I’m losing sleep over it. I thought, why not write about it as well?

How Do Korean Celebrities Keep Their Hair Healthy?

It makes anyone wonder, how do the Kpop stars maintain their hair despite having to constantly expose their frocks to styling and dye jobs? Now, it is no longer a secret. Korean celebrities have been everything but shy in revealing their haircare routines. Here are their tips on taming that mane. Never sleep with wet hair Source: Wallpaper Access The South Korean actress who is known for her acting in hit drama series, The Heirs, Park Shin Hye never sleeps with wet hair. Sleeping with wet hair can pose major threats to the overall health of your scalp. A damp scalp provides the perfect environment for bad bacteria and microorganisms to inhabit and grow. In addition to that, hair is weakest...

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