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Daniel Oon
Daniel Oon is an enthusiastic 21-year-old nursing student living in Singapore. His range of interest varies from gardening to video editing. His passion and insatiable hunger for learning and writing can be seen in his articles. Daniel love writing articles as much as he loves his plants.
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Four Weird Ingredients For Hair

Looking to fix your hair problems and tired of using the same old methods?  Fret not, after extensive digging on the internet, I have found weird ingredients that you can apply on your hair without going to a salon! If you are feeling inquisitive and daring, feel free to read on!  Always be sure to do a test patch on your skin to check for any adverse reactions before trying them. Here’s a quick overview of the different ingredients I will be talking about today which includes cinnamon, cranberries, spinach, and beer!  Cinnamon Cinnamon is a fragrant aromatic spice that is used to add flavor in baking and cooking. It is mainly used in sweet and savory dishes like...

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Pomade vs Wax (Useful Guide)

I have been using Gatsby Moving Rubber, Grunge Mat Wax to style my hair. It keeps my hair in place during gym and workout sessions and does not stand out because of its matte finish. Deciding to use wax or pomade? The two main difference between wax and pomade is shine and hold. Wax has a stronger hold, a more detailed and matte finish while Pomade has medium hold but gives a slick, shiny appearance to the hair.  However, more and more wax and pomade have been using ingredients interchangeably which has made the difference somewhat unclear.  So, continue reading to find out more about the differences!   Here is a rundown on the basic definition of each product: Hair...

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5 Natural Ingredients For Great Hair

Out of conditioner or shampoo? Fret not, with these natural ingredients available in your house, you will have a recipe for great hair! There is a wide and exotic range of ingredients recommended online. After some consolidation and researching, I have come up with a list of five common natural ingredients in your house that can benefit hair.  Of course, please ensure that you are not allergic to the ingredients that you use! Let’s start it off with some fruits! Bananas Bananas are a tasty and healthy fruit, often eaten as a snack on its own or placed in desserts. It is especially high in vitamin B6, being able to provide for about a quarter of your daily intake....

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