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Hello, I'm a recent highschool graduate who has an interest in writing and a growing fascination towards the world of hair.

Best Home Remedy For Split Ends

The bad news is split ends are an inevitable part of life, so no matter how much you condition it, they will still have a way to come into your life.  Many factors are behind the cause of split ends, such as extreme weather conditions, blow-drying, curling, straightening, coloring, and using chemical hair products.  What is the best home remedy for split ends? Although the most effective way to get rid of split ends is to trim your hair, some home natural remedies to treat split ends include oils, home-made hair masks while avoiding to over-brush and over-wash your hair.  Split ends, also known as “trichoptilosis” or “schizotrichia” in medicine, occur due to the splitting of hair towards the end of...

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Is Boxed Dye Really That Bad

Wanting to know why boxed dye is worse than salon dye? Boxed dyes are cheap as they use harmful chemicals like lead acetates or ammonia that damage your hair. It also has the same formula for all hair types, which does not work.  Why Colorists Hate Boxed Dye  It does not matter if your hair is thick, thin, rough, dark, light has been dyed on before or has had any previous chemical process done on it before, the formula of boxed dye is the same. Furthermore, it’s harder for the color to fade since the concentration is much stronger. It is also known that it consists of cheap, potentially harmful ingredients for your skin.  On the other hand, salon dye consists of molecules...

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Should Wavy Hair Have Layers

Should wavy hairs have layers in them? Layering removes the extra bulk in your hair and enhances hair volume and movement. It also adds a more rounded shape if the layers are added near the perimeter of your hair. It may also complement your face type if the layers are strategically placed. However, there is additional maintenance and cost attached to adding layers to your hair. It is also significantly challenging to grow your hair out as each section will grow out at a different rate.  Hairstylist Paves, a Jessica Simpson's stylist working, said that wavy hair looks better if it has more layers towards the ends of the hair strands, instead of the layers being put on the crown of...

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How To Straighten Curly Hair Naturally

As a person who has naturally wavy hair, I try to not straighten my hair with heat since it damages the quality and the natural curls of my hair. Thus, if I really feel like straightening it, I usually opt for a natural treatment.  There are several ways to straighten wavy hair naturally.  One of the ways is using a mask, and a milk mask was something I tried and worked on me. Other masks include flaxseed mask, olive oil mask, and 3-oils mask. You could also use essential oils and an apple cider vinegar wash to straighten it, as well as combing your wet hair gently throughout after washing it. In addition to these methods, you can also experiment with...

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How To Maintain Wavy Hair

Natural wavy hair can be challenging to handle since the process is not as straightforward. Combing your wavy hair frequently to detangle the tangles is effective. Also, air-dry your hair, deep condition, experiment with different products, trim your hair, and avoid chemical processes to keep your wavy hair healthy. In terms of the styling, you can use a hair mousse, plaid your hair before sleeping, and use oil.    So, let us start with the tangles. People with wavy hair tend to have their hair tangled more often than those with straight hairs. I, for one, have always struggled with immense, tight tangles in my hair. I used to have a bad habit of avoiding combing my hair.  And let...

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