How To Cover Up A Botched Haircut

The haunting snip chirping in your ears is confirmation enough that you’ll have to do the walk of shame every morning while heading to life because your new look is either too short or just wrong.

Your awful haircut might seem horrible now, but there's nothing a little product can't help with. Sheenon Olson, a celebrity stylist, and owner of Atma Beauty in Miami. said

Change your styling technique until you grow out the cut . 

It’s just a bad haircut, not a bad life and we’ve compiled a bunch of ways you can cover up a botched haircut to save you from massive embarrassment.

  1. Covering Botched Haircut With a Cap

The easiest way is to hide your hair with a baseball cap. 

If you’re planning to go with something a bit more old-school, try wearing some funky headbands or scarves to cover up the obscure flap hanging in front of your face. Sporting a brightly colored or bold headband that is a different color from your hair color compliments your overall look. You could even try wearing a headband or scarf which is the same color as your overall outfit.

Vintage or 90’s inspired fashion has recently re-entered the fashion world with their unique and unconventional trends. With thrifting, so many young people have started reinventing their thrifty or old clothing into really cool headpieces.

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One other method you could try is sporting a bucket hat. Bucket hats seem to be a “love or hate” sort of accessory in the fashion world. Who isn’t on the hunt for the perfect bucket hat which fits their head shape without making them look like Mega-mind? Should you be so lucky on your accessory conquest, a bucket hat is perfect for adding a little spunk to your overall outfit and covers up your unwanted bangs!

If you’re going through an existential crisis and thought about following through with the results of this terrible impulse haircut, you could try dyeing your bangs instead. I had a friend who said, 

It’s just hair and you should experiment with it as much as possible before you turn thirty with a full-time job which is most probably not going to be happy with your green and purple hair. 

You could also have fun with your hair by sticking barrettes with miniature figurines in them. I once watched a TikTok of this girl who bought miniature animal figurines and hot-glued them onto barrettes. They were very creative, and she pulled them off well!

  1. Try a new updo

One way of making your haircut less obvious to the prying eyes of society is by putting it up. Trying out a new updo style helps. Amazon sells great donut bun makers for your hair which you could check out!

Don’t forget to frame your face using loose strands and not pulling your hair up too tightly by checking in a mirror. An updo can also enable you to show off your earrings or necklace.  

This is great if you have a busier schedule which might require you to run around a lot. Keeping it out of the way is one less thing to worry about so you can focus on what’s truly important.

  1. Bobby Pins

These bad boys are your new best friends at salvaging your hair quickly. Having a pack of bobby pins in your emergency kit which you carry around with you helps fix last-minute hair emergencies.

If you have been keeping up with the latest fashion trends, most bobby pins are thicker and heavier now. In stores such as H&M and Lovisa, these pins are now emblazoned with words that are also encrusted in diamonds or rhinestones. They are statement pieces and add a lovely touch to your overall appearance.

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However, if you’re more traditional and prefer the regular black bobby pins, we all stuck in our hair before ballet classes, you could try a pattern while styling. There are popular ones such as the criss-cross and parallel styling.

  1. Hair gems and acrylic crystals

Although similar to the diamond-encrusted hair clips from your popular fast fashion stores, hair gems are sold at a fraction of the cost and are more subtle. However, they are more time-consuming when it comes to applying but stunning.

These are guaranteed to turn heads whenever you walk into the room, even if your new hairstyle is less fabulous than your previous one.

You can add these to the parting of your hair, along with your bangs or as streaks. It is the perfect opportunity to take Instagram worthy pictures and brag about how edgy or cool you are on TikTok and Twitter. Hair gems and acrylic crystals add that hard-to-achieve dazzle which most products fail to give you.

  1. Adding a weave or extensions

While weaves and hair extensions may be costly and difficult to maintain, they are a great way to hide a bad haircut that is too short. They give you the flexibility to change your style and also conceal areas that are too short and hide from others' focus. 

You should always invest in a weave that is made of good quality. Weaves made of poor quality tend to cause breakage at your roots and can weigh down on your hair. Just like natural hair, weave needs to be maintained with regular washing and combing.


Whether it’s a bad haircut or a bad hair day, always remember that you look beautiful no matter what. Have fun and experiment with your hair before it’s too late!

There’s nothing more horrifying than experiencing a botched haircut while you’re stuck in a swivel salon chair behind a musty full-length bib. 

The urge for you to scream at your hairdresser becomes stuck in the back of your throat in a soundproof box. These are the chronicles of a bad haircut circa post-breakup or a bad, impulsive decision.

While you frantically text your friends, rant on social media, or give this hair salon a big thumbs-down on their website.

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