Can You Mix Hair Dye With Your Conditioner?

Yes if you wish to use up leftover hair dye. Mixing them together will result in a lighter shade if you don't mind. Conditioners help to soften your hair and keep in needed moisturizers while dyes change the color of your hair. Okay, you definitely can't take that answer to the bank so you'll get the details somewhere down this page.

Can You Mix Hair Dye With Your Conditioner?

So what would conditioner do in hair dye? Answer: Lighten the shade

For Dye's sake 

First, how does the dye work?

Permanent dyes contain ammonia and peroxide, chemicals that make dyeing your hair possible. 

These chemicals work together to alter the state of the hair thereby causing the hair to change color. 

Ammonia increases the pH of your hair causing the cuticle to open up so that the color can seep into the cortex.

As the color seeps into the inner layer of the hair, the peroxide extracts the natural color of your hair leaving the cortex open. The new color is now able to settle in and combine with the cortex, completely altering your hair color.

Semi-permanent dyes contain little peroxide and no ammonia, as such they color change remains on the outer layer and can wash off after a few weeks.

This is the reason semi-permanent dyes are also called stain.

What does this mean?

This analogy is to show you that mixing your hair dye with conditioner will inhibit the ability of the dye to cling to your hair.

So, should you mix your hair dye with conditioner?   

Yes. Absolutely.

If your goal is to soften the shade of the dye. 

The vogue today is fantasy colors. You know, all of those bright and alluring hues — purple, blue, pink, blonde, red…

Sometimes, they come out blinding or too strong so that you want to tone them down. On the other hand, you're not sure how loud the color will be when it goes on your hair, and there's no way to tell.

Precautions for using the dye may include toning it down, and conditioners work perfectly to achieve this. 

Mixing conditioner in Permanent Dye

Conditioner, when added to a permanent dye, inhibits the action of ammonia so that not much of the cuticle open. This reduces how much the peroxide can displace the natural hair color. 

The result? Less damage on the hair shaft, less adherence to the hair, and a tamed color tone.

How do you add conditioner in permanent dye?  

Choose leave-in conditioners. They help to keep the hair untangled and to nourish the hair.

Prepare the hair dye following the instructions on the hair dye kit. You should read the instructions on your kit properly.

Add two tablespoons of conditioner into the dye that you have prepared.

Properly incorporate the conditioner into your hair dye.

Dye your hair following the instructions given on the kit.

Mixing conditioner in Semi-permanent hair dye   

You already dream of that soft tone of pink, or lavender. And you know you can achieve it with a mix of conditioner.

Now, how can you achieve it?  

The first rule: use white conditioner. Avoid colored conditioners, you already have some color problems to deal with.

Measure ⅓ cup of conditioner and add a tablespoon of your fantasy dye (the one you want to use).

Mix them properly until they are well blended.

Then add the mixture to the rest of the dye.

Your dye is set. Proceed with dyeing your hair according to instruction.

Precautions to take when dyeing your hair

  • Strand test. You want to be sure that you have the right tone of color before you apply the dye all over your head. That's why you should do a strand test.
  • If your result is darker than what you want, then add more conditioner. And if it is lighter, add more dye to the mixture.

    Add the extras in minimal quantities to avoid overshooting

  • Wear rubber gloves and casual clothes. You don't want to stain everything with color so set aside some clothes and towels for dealing with hair colors alone. Also, use gloves so that you don't stain your hands with colors

  • Don't use shampoo. Except you want to fade out more color, it's better to avoid using shampoo or conditioner at this time. Use only cold water to wash off the dye

    • Avoid conditioners that contain sulfates. Read the contents on the kit before choosing it

    • Dye your hair on a day that you have the time. Also, give your hair a long time to develop since the dye is weaker now, but do not give it too much time. Remember, you want to achieve a lighter shade.

    Pastel results you can consider 

    You can dye your hair in soft colors but you'll often have to achieve that from a stronger color. That's why you mix conditioner in hair dye — so that you can lighten the stronger color.

    So here are some pastel colors you can try out.

  • Electric blue. This hair color will sit better if you put it on completely white hair. Having an orange or yellow tone on your hair will produce a green or teal color.
  • You can achieve this color using Manic Panic's Bad Boy Blue, or La Riche Directions' Atlantic Blue

  • Lavender. If diluted correctly with conditioner, Ultra Violet color lightens to an alluring lavender color. Manic Panic's Ultra Violet is splendid for this. 
  • You can also try out Manic Panic's Electric Amethyst of Lie Locks.

    • Mints. They are pretty but you have to keep your hair roots attended to, for you to rock this color.

    Manic Panic's Atomic Turquoise or Pravana's Mystical Mint are good colors to use

  • Peach. Think of gorgeous flowers but they are a treasure to find. Dyeing over your yellowish hair with Manic Panic's Cotton Candy Pink may give you that pretty peach you desire. 
  • You can also use Manic Panic's Pretty Flamingo on very white hair

    You can try out different pastel shades by yourself. Take measured quantities of dye and conditioner and mix them, then do a strand test with it.

    Avoid putting a color all over your hair without testing. You don't want to be shocked by the results.

    Have fun looking good.

    Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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