Can Hair Dye Be Used On A Beard?

Yes, it can be used on a beard but with some precautions. There is always a “but”. It can be harsh to your facial skin. Consistency of beard hears is different from head hair. Beard hairs are thick and coarser. When a man washes his face he will wash the beard so that’s the reason behind thickness.

Beard Hair Dye

Some special formulations are designed for beard hair. It is better to choose one of them instead of a hair dye. Before dyeing your beard keep a couple of things in mind. 

  • Don’t go for too dark. This is the mistake that most men made. You should choose a shade or two lighter than you think your beard should look like. 
  • This coloring will give you a fake look. It will look like you have painted your beard with a dark marker. 
  • Never rub the dye in. If you do that color will go into pores and it will give a clown-like look to your face and beard. 
  • There is nothing better than a true black hair. The black color is dark brown. So, if the color of your head’s hair is black don’t go for black color. 
  • A little bit of grey color in a beard will add a natural a normal look to your beard. You can use such formulation which will turn your beard gray after some washes. Again, the suggestion is don’t give your beard a single color as it will look like you have changed the color and it will give artificial look. 

Hair dye can be used for your beard. As the hairs are a little bit denser than scalp hair so you need more penetrating developers for beard hair. After the use of a store product for the beard look of the face is changed. It will look muddy and fades out after some time with poor pigmentation. So, if you still want to dye your beard, try to match as natural as you can otherwise, people will notice that you are coloring your beard. 

One thing to keep in mind the beard color is always different from your scalp hair. If the color is naturally brown, then you would love to use gold, brown, and a little red. It will give your beard a natural look. 

As your facial skin is more sensitive than your hair’s scalp so be careful while applying color on your beard. It is better to apply it with a comb instead of a brush. It is also suggested that like it a sensitive issue go to a professional salon. Get the job done. Ask the price first because there is a possibility that they might charge a lot. The applying process is simple and easy. Be careful when purchasing a dye for your beard as it can be harsh. It can do more damage than goods. 

Is it ok to dye your beard? And why people want to do this?

One thing is for sure that you cannot reverse the aging process. You can do a lot of things to make yourself look younger. Dyeing of a beard is one of those things. It is always important to know why you want to color your beard. Every man is different and has different preferences. There are different reasons why people go for the beard dye option:

  • You just want to change your look
  • If you are grown weary of the natural color of your beard and you want to change it. Maybe you want to rock the world with a unique look. There is a chance that you are interested in the navy blue or pink beard. You can do it if you are looking for a changed look. 

  • Change is much needed for your job or career
  • In the modern workplace, youth is valued more. To cover their age and look young, some professionals just want to color their beards to get a young look. This will help to preserve their job status. 

  • Hide the original age
  • That grey hair can be the confidence killer for some men. You dye your hair and beard simply because you want a youthful appearance for as long as possible. You don’t want to look aged before time. 

    The process of applying dye on your beard

    Use a beard shampoo to remove the dead skin beneath the beard. This will help to retain the dye for a longer period. Massage deeply into your beard strands. Wash off properly. Massage in the hair to get rid of any trapped inside. Dry your beard thoroughly. Use a clean towel or blower to dry beard. Apply your chosen hair dye on your beard according to the instructions given on the label.

    Pros and cons of beard dye

    Everything which can be beneficial for you might have some disadvantages as well. The same is the case with beard dyes. Few pros and cons are given below:

    Pros of beard dye

    • Comfortable to wear
    • These dyes are resistant to water and sweat
    • These dyes normally don’t transfer and rub off
    • Will give you a youthful appearance

    Cons of the beard dye

    • Can stains skin and results in the allergic reactions
    • Time-consuming process
    • Does not look realistic
    • It will provide you a fake look
    • It will grow out in 4-5 days. 


    Yes, you can use a hair dye on your beard. It can be harsh sometimes. Beard hairs are different from the head hair. So it is better to choose a beard dye for your beard instead of using a hair dye on it. It will be a time taking process. It is better to get the job done from a salon. Using a hair dye on the beard can do more damage than good because facial skin is more sensitive than hair scalp. 

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